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Women Mentoring Women

Mentor Training and Preparation

Mentoring another person is one of the greatest gifts you could give them. Through the use of current technology and media mediums, Toni provides training and preparation courses to help others build effective mentoring relationships that are mutually beneficial to the mentor and mentee all for the glory of God. 

One-on-One Mentoring

Toni provides personal mentoring opportunities to those who are serious about maximizing their potential by treading the pathway of destiny. Consideration is given to those individuals who are committed to personal training in character, conviction and purpose driven leadership.

Group Mentoring

Toni provides group mentoring by availing herself of use to local churches and para-church ministry organizations during women's conferences, annual retreats, workshops and communal gathers purposed to increase the spiritual growth and maturity of women.  

Be fruitful, multiply and subdue the earth...the true essence of a woman's gift.

The greatest gift investment in life is not in things, but people. There is no greater joy than to see the fruit of your produce flourishing in the life of another. A Woman's Gift provides access to such an opportunity. Through A Women's Gift, women are trained and encouraged to invest in the lives of other women through mentoring relationships. Mentoring allows women to fulfill God's commandments of fruitfulness, reproductivity and Kingdom influence. Among the greatest gifts given to woman is her innate ability to:

  1. Multiply the good of herself within another being.
  2. Effectively manage time in such a way that she continually adds value to the lives of others.
  3. Provides access to peace by helping others fuse together their fractured parts while drawing them into a closer relationship to God through His son, Jesus Christ.    

A Women's Gift Program

A Women's Gift