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Upcoming Book Release

A Woman's Gift 40-Day Discipleship Journey will strike a chord with women everywhere, as Toni speaks truth into the lives of readers, showing them how to deal with their innermost fears, rediscover their God-given power and develop a keener sense of self. Women of all ages and backgrounds will resonate with this faith-building journey toward purpose and discover truths about the true nature of
a woman's gift that will  add meaningful value to their lives as they walk with God.

Grand Poobah by Larry Edmond 

This is a must read for every young man who desires to develop into his fullest potential. Drawing from a wealth of experience, author Larry Edmond provides a fresh look at some of the guiding principles that are essential for every young man to cross over into manhood. This practical guid will help lead young men into lives of success, sufficiency and significance. Larry warns of the dangers that result not only from ones own ill-advised decisions, but also from choosing defunct mentors whose own practices prove to lead to paths of destruction. 
Lord & Tailor: A Story of Creation

The Lord and Tailor story is an enlightenment for everyone. With its melodious and heart warming power, the Lord and Tailor story delivers a timeless message of love, comfort and assurance. Read it, embrace it and gift it to someone you love as a reminder of God's eternal love and protection.

Wilderness Women

Wilderness Women: Live to tell the story is God's gift of healing and deliverance sent to hydrate the thirst of parched souls wandering in the wilderness. This life transforming anthology brings together essential rudiments of life, including the infallible word of God and the powerful message of His wholeness through communal healing.

Halftime Broadcast Audio Download

Now you can order archived bible teachings from the Halftime archives on CD. So, if you missed a part of or all of the series on Culture, The Power of One or the segment on Ferguson now you can order it with the push of a button.

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